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Mt Kilimanjaro Treks: Travelers’ Guide

Mt Kilimanjaro is one of the most fascinating sites in Africa. It is specifically located in Tanzania, East Africa. Thousands of tourists troop to Tanzania each year to catch a glimpse and attempt climbing this towering mountain. Several routes lead to Kibo or Uhuru peak, Mount Kilimanjaro highest summit namely Rongai, Marangu, Umbwe, Lemsho, Shira and Machame. Each year, about 15,000 people embark on Mt Kilimanjaro treks en-route to climbing the mountain. And, about 40 percent of these people actually succeed in getting to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro.

Climatic Condition

Knowing what the climate around Mt Kilimanjaro is will help you prepare accordingly for Mt Kilimajaro treks. The entire region around this mount does not experience the extremities of summer and winter weather as a result of the mountain’s proximity to the equator. Instead, the region is characterized by extreme dry and wet seasons. The warmest months are January and February, and the wettest months are April and May. The coolest months are June and July and the driest months are August and September.

When is the Best Time to Embark on Mt Kilimanjaro Treks?

In terms of weather, the months considered the best time to ascend Mt Kilimanjaro are January, February and September. So, if you are planning a trip to Tanzania particularly for Mt Kilimanjaro trek and climbing, you should target these months.

Getting In

Kilimanjaro-(IATA: JRO) is the closest International Airport when getting in. For those getting in from Europe, you may want to consider Delta Air Lines (KLM) since their flights are available daily, from Amsterdam to JRO.

Mountain Climbing Cost

As you plan to embark on Mt Kilimanjaro trek to eventually climb it, bear in mind that you need a licensed guide to accompany you. Also, you will incur expenses on park entry and camping/hut – which is not less than $100 a day. And, if you desire an all-inclusive trip, you need to budget as much as between $2500 and $5,500. Please check for current price updates.

Enjoy yourself to the fullest as you embark on Mt Kilimanjaro trek and climbing.

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