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Into the wild: planning a Kenyan Safari Adventure

Into the wild: Planning a Kenyan Safari Adventure

Kenyan Safari Thank National Geographic or Discovery Channel for exposing you to the wonders of Africa. Seeing the mighty and majestic lions, elephants, and leopards out in the wild seemed to be the stuff of dreams, and something only certified explorers can afford to go to. But times have changed, and it’s now possible for anyone to visit these beautiful creatures in their natural habitats. You don’t have to have all the expensive gear all the pros have — it’s now possible to go on your dream trip, care of travel tours to Africa.

Imagine the beautiful, lush scenery before your very eyes, and the animals lounging in the wild under the hot African sun. It’s a scene that’s truly tempting for the modern day adventurer, and what makes it compelling is the fact that you have many different safari options to choose from.

Choosing a Kenyan Safari Holiday

Kenya is an excellent Safari holiday choice, propped up with an efficient tourist system catering to those who want to witness the annual wildebeest migration between July and October at the popular Maasai Mara National Reserve. But if you prefer to go somewhere else, you still have a variety of options, such as Lake Nakuru National Park which is renowned for its rhinos and flamingos, Amboseli National Park and Samburu, known for its elephants.

If you have decided on where to go, the fun part of preparing for your Kenyan safari begins. There are a variety of tour operators to choose from that offer differently-priced packages depending on inclusions. Those with the budget to spare can have tour operators do all the heavy lifting for them, having them choose and book for a lodge which can come in handy especially during the peak season.

But if you are a budget traveller, or if you want to keep prices much more manageable, you can opt to negotiate with an operator that can be flexible on the terms. Most price quotes tend to include entrance fees for the parks, accommodation, transportation costs, and guide fees.

Tour operators like Koisan Safaris can customize their Africa Packages based on the activities and budget of clients. Although most go to Kenya for the thrill and adventure of the wildlife safaris, you can also opt to go the historical and cultural route, or go to the beach and relax, take a gastronomic food trip, or a romantic trip for two. You can choose to have the hassle taken out with a pre-packaged safari, or make your own tailor made itinerary.

Zebras in Kenya Once you’ve made your arrangements, it’s time to start your preparations. What do you pack, what do you wear, and what can you expect out there in the wild?

The safari experience features game drives as the highlight of the trip — you’ll go around searching for the animals in their natural habitats. As you’ll be outside, you should be mindful about the temperature. In Kenya, the days tend to be warm and sunny, so it would be wise to bring sunscreen or a hat along with you. Throw in some insect repellant, lip balm, wet towels, and a first-aid kit containing all your essential medicine along with you. Don’t forget water as well. Always bring your travel documents with you too, but keep extra copies in your bag at your lodging.

What to wear? Avoid bright clothing and colors like black, blue and white. When in the wild, do like the ‘locals’ do and dress in safari-friendly khaki and green. Protect yourself from insect bites with lightweight, cotton long sleeve clothes. Wear good quality walking boots on your trip too.

To get the most out of your Kenyan safari experience, bring along a pair of binoculars so you can see the animals more clearly. If you’re a photographer, invest in a good-quality camera with zoom lenses and a tripod for those perfect wildlife shots.

Do remember that you’re in the animal kingdom’s natural habitat, so respect their space and do not make alarming sounds or noises. Let loose your inner explorer and be mindful of respecting the animals: keep quiet, be alert, and look around for clues on where the animals could be. Since they are free to roam around, they could be anywhere — maybe not even in a distance you’d consider safe. But keep calm and listen to the advice of your guides for the best safari experience you’ll ever have.

So how do you get the best Kenyan safari trip? Take the services of a trusted tour operator, follow safety and medical advice, respect the locals and the animals, and just enjoy the ride. Safari tours are generally safe for many tourists, as long as you observe the proper protocols to keep the entire trip safe and enjoyable. Just relax, soak in the new environments, and feel the rush of being among the greats of the African animal world.

A Kenyan Safari is a totally exhilarating experience you will never forget in your lifetime. Make your Safari Booking today!

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